A b o u t

I'm a music producer with a background in chiptunes and traditional folk music.
I'm currently using Renoise, but most of my music was made in SunVox or OpenMPT.
Since I started in chiptunes, I got used to music trackers and then never bothered to learn a modern DAW.

I played french horn as a kid, but picked up bass in 2006. Then I picked up guitar in 2008 and mandolin in 2009.
My first attempts at electronic music of any kind were made in 2006, using Pocket Music for the Gameboy Color and Famitracker.
The results were not great. After that I played in several bands. Mostly folk music, but also rock and emo.

I started making vaporwave in 2015, which sparked a general love for electronic music, and I have experimented with different styles since.
Nowadays I use almost exclusively Renoise (and other trackers) and I rarely play physical instruments anymore.

When I don't do music, I'm doing 3D renders in Blender and studying biology.