D i s c o g r a p h y

Stevia Sphere
(Vaporwave / Utopian Virtual)
My first vaporwave project. Started in summer 2015. A lot of jazz and bossa nova influences.
Elevator Relaxation Tape 2 as well as the ERT1-4 collection were released on Lost Angles.
Interconnected Art Gallery, the first full length album, was released on DMT Tapes FL.
Elevator Relaxation Tape 4 was released on the now closed label Horizons United.

(Vaporwave / Hypnagogic Drift)
Vaporwave with an ice/water/summer theme.
The first two albums were released on PLUS100 Records.

pine voc
(Folktronica / Metrosong)
Started in 2011 as a folk project. Slowly started incorporating more and more electronic parts.
The green ideas album was released on the now closed label Cardboard Future as one of the first metrosong albums.
Cell Division was created using only a smartphone and released on the metrosong label Clear Visions.

(Vaporwave / Synth Pop)
Kind of a Sequel to Stevia Sphere. This time more influenced by synth pop, synthwave and trip hop.

Dreams on Diskette
An album exploring different styles of chiptunes.
Influences from NES, SEGA Genesis and Amiga-era tracker music.

Paternoster Poetry
(Lo-fi Hip Hop / Vaporhop)
A lo-fi hip hop project with vaporwave and folktronica influences.
It was originally supposed to be a more clear mix of vaporwave and hip hop, but gravitated more towards lo-fi hip hop in the end.

Delete The Cube
(Cleancore / Instrumental)
An attempt to turn the cleancore aesthetic, populat on Tumblr, into a music genre.
Musically I based it mostly on suggestions from my Twitter mutuals on how they thought cleancore would sound.
A lot of focus is put on the bass, so it's not recommended to listen through built-in laptop or smartphone speakers.

A less than serious eurodance project.
Only a single is out right now, but an EP is coming soon.

(Vaporwave / Various)
A four track EP where I recreate my songs in the style of a different project and a compilation of singles and songs from scrapped projects.