Stevia Sphere's Interconnected Art Gallery

The Vapor Probe Series is a collaboration between DMT Tapes FL and doktorb. The releases that have been curated through this project were conceived by the individual artists as part of their participation in a PhD research project.

The Vapor Probe is an experiment in crowdsourced creativity, a reaction against the overwrought interpretations of supposed academic experts who have been too quick to project their own readings of political and culture significance onto vaporwave. In response, this project argues that real meaning can only be found in the personal experiences of those directly involved in the culture. To put this into practice the Vapor Probe has aimed to empower participants to explore their experiences and tell their own stories using their individual creative methodologies as research strategies. Embracing the meta, this is vaporwave turned in on itself, each album the end result of a long and iterative process of creative exploration, dissecting vaporwave on its own terms and using its own create language to talk about itself.

Vapor Probe is not intended to answer questions. It is not trying to impose any interpretations of what vaporwave is, what it means or why that matters. Instead, by bringing together a range of different aesthetic styles, creative visions and perspectives, this project hopes to open up a conversation within the community of the diverse possibilities and creative potential that exists unrealised in vaporwave’s future.

About the artist:

   Artist name: Stevia Sphere
   Country: Sweden
   Genre: Vaporwave

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